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MacaPunch 150 grs.

CHF 21,00 Weight: 0.185 kg

150 grams of gelatinized organic flour of Maca


Like other products based on pure Maca, Maca flour MacaPUNCH increases desire and sexual performance (libido and erection), helps restore balance in the hormone system, regulates the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS, relieves painful menstruation and is effective against the symptoms of menopause.


Maca restoring the body's energy delays the effects of aging, strengthens the immune system, reduces fatigue, helps to fight against depression, stress and memory lapses. Maca helps to increase body tone and provides extra energy!


Gelatinized maca:

First, it is good to know that gelatinization or traditional method is the most effective way to enjoy the benefits of maca.

This is a cooking process where the maca is cured under pressure. The sudden drop in pressure at the outlet of the extruder causes expansion and partial dehydration of the product.

This cooking process ensures the following:

• Sterilization

• Detoxification antinutrients

• Gelatinization of the starch that loses its harmful effects

The result:

• Increased digestibility

• Improved availability of nutrients

• Changes in physical (better wettability)

Finally, the extruded product is pulverized. The result is a fine powder of higher quality that sells you.

Gelatinized does not mean that the maca powder contains gelatin!


Maca gelatinized flour, the most economical alternative for use of Maca!



Every day one or two teaspoons (=> 3 to 6 grams = 3 to 6 grams MacaPUNCH  gelatinized organic flour = 6 to 12 capsules) after meals.

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