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Family: Cruciferous
Scientific name: Lepidium meyenii walp
Common name: Maca
Part of the plant: The root
Origin: The highlands of Junin in Peru
Food and medicinal

maca raices 

A wonderful gift of Incas Gods !


Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp) is a root of a native Peruvian Andes cultivated at 4000 m. altitude where no other crop could survive. Peruvian natural medicine holds an ancestral knowledge that is now rediscovered and used to fill nutritional deficiencies in the modern diet.
Maca has a high nutritional value which favors solicited by the dynamism of daily life. Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E), minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron) natural sterols, essential oils, proteins and amino acids.

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Serving your health:
MacaPUNCH's Maca makes products of the first quality.

Its certified with the seal of quality EKO (skal) and 100% natural and organic (All our capsules are vegetarian compatible).



Maca for the whole family:

Maca is suitable for all the family and therefore also for children.
It restores their energy and concentration in difficult school periods and helps them enjoy a good night recovery sleep.
It helps to fight against stress and depression and by strengthening the immune system, so valuable dietary supplement will allow your children to better prevent against colds and spend the winter in good health.

Of course, these properties concern all of us and we would be wrong to deprive us of it.
Maca is a totally organic product and 100% natural, without side effects and can be taken without any danger for your health.


Suggestion : For school age children, take one capsule in the morning and (in winter) one extra at the eavening.
For adults, two capsules in the morning and two at night are an average dose.

A variation: A milkshake (MacaPUNCH Shake) is a good teaspoon per 200 ml of fresh milk (maybe with a little cocoa) is a delicious start to an active day.



Maca to spice up your gallant evenings :
Called "Peruvian Viagra" or "Aphrodisiac of the Incas", this root is well known to boost sexual desire and performance.
It actually contains a substance that stimulates the erection and another that sharpens the libido and arousal as much feminine or masculine.

Maca is a hormonal regulator that will balance your forces, struggling against depression, helping you to regain confidence in you, allowing you to feel full of energy. These are also important effects to give then a few more sparks to your "gallant parties"!


Suggestion : Take every day three to six capsules, and if you need to be efficient, swallow a little before the event two teaspoons of liquid extract of black maca (20 X more concentrated than powder).



Maca for women, the feminine miracle :

If Maca also acts on the female libido, these effects on fertility (incidentally both feminine than masculine) have been repeatedly demonstrated by scientists (see studies listed on this site). As a hormone regulator, it will act on menopausal disorders by revealing is particularly effective against hot flashes. It effectively regulates the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS, menstrual pain relief and anti-oxidant properties are known to delay the effects of aging.


Suggestion: Take every day three to six capsules for the duration of symptoms (do your experiences and find the dose that is best for you - there are no contra-indication to increase it if necessary.

Regarding fertility, studies suggest that Maca does not become effective until after at least two or three months of use.



Maca for athlete:
Bodybuilders use Maca and enjoy it because it contains natural sterols (preliminary stage of male hormones, without the side effects of chemical sterols).
It enables the accelerated development of muscles
It decreases the recovery time and the daily fight tiredness
It increases physical strength


Suggestion : Take every day, six capsules of  Maca. Before a special effort, complete this dose by two (or more) teaspoons of liquid extract of black maca (20 X more concentrated than powder).

It is a completely natural product that is not considered as doping.

 offers different forms of Maca Bio premium:

MacaPUNCH capsules of 500 milligrams of gelatinized flour: 90 x 500mg for frs 24.- or 500 X 500 mg for frs 95.-

MacaPUNCH pot of 150 grams of gelatinized flour for 18.-

MacaPUNCHSHAKE in pot of 120 grams natural maca powder with xanthan gum and chocolate extract for frs 19.-

MacaPUNCH PLATINUM in bottles of 130 ml of liquid extract of maca Black (20 X more concentrated than powder). The black maca, rarer, is more powerful than the yellow maca traditionally used, for frs 37.-