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Family: Gencianaceae
Scientific name: Gentianella alborosea
Common name: Hercampuri, hercampure, hircampuri
Used part of the plant: The all plant
Origin: Peruvian Andes
Value: Food and medicinal


Hercampuri - HercamPUNCH

Feeling lighter - Being lighter


Hercampuri is recommended as a complement to treatments for weight and cholesterol reduction. It is also used to treat liver diseases and as a blood purifier. Hercampuri also has diuretic effects.


Healers of the Inca era already where using Hercampuri. Its name comes from the Quechua word "Hjircan Pureck" which means "he who walks from town to town," referring to healers who traveled city to city paths in touting the virtues of medicinal plants.

Hercampuri is an excellent regulator of metabolism. That is why it is used to reduce obesity of exogenous origin.


Hercampuri is also a liver cleanser. It reduces LDL cholesterol - known as bad-cholesterol transforming it into biliary acids.

The cholagogue action of the plant facilitates the secretion of bile and helps its excretion. Hercampuri is a great detoxifying agent.


In addition it improves significantly poor digestion after a heavy meal.


Several studies (the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos) confirm these properties. Toxicology studies show that the plant has no side effects, toxicity or drug interaction reported. All parts of the plant are used in natural medicine.


Hercampuri contains elements that enhance the production of enzymes and gastric juices. The hercampuri is also a vitalizing because it helps balance the metabolism and improves blood circulation. This is a major regulator of fat metabolism and its regular consumption can lose weight.



Properties :

Hercampuri (by acting on the liver and kidneys) is a regulator of metabolism that helps you to control your weight.


Reduces cholesterol

Regulates the secretion and excretion of bile and facilitates digestion





HercamPUNCH is a dietary supplement 100% pure and natural, without additives or preservatives.