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Family: Annonaceae
Scientific name: Annona Muricata
Common name: Graviola, Corossol, GuanĂ¡bana, Soursop
Part of the plant: the leaves
Origin: Amazonian Forest of Peru
Value: Food and Medicinal

guanabana graviola

Graviola - GraviPUNCH


The magic fruit of Amazonian Indians


Graviola is a tree native to the tropical areas of South America whose fruit is used to make drinks and ice cream. However, the entire tree is used in natural medicine.


Graviola is a totally natural relaxant able of some miracles and leaves contain cytotoxins which function the destruction of cancer cells in the body.

Graviola is an exceptional product. Best natural alternative for cancer-fighting!

It should be clear that taking this plant as a nutritional supplement,

can not replace a conventional medical treatment !


Graviola is a effective plant, not only against tumors, but also against fungi, parasites and bacteria.


Graviola also fight against spasms and tension and its a good soothing of mood. It's known as a good relaxant.



Widely used in the Amazon rainforest



Properties of GraviPUNCH :

Sedative, relaxing antispasmodic, anti-convulsant, soothing


Bactericide, fungicide

Anti-parasitic Anti-Malaria


Lowers blood pressure by vasodilation and by a soothing effect on the heart

Anti-mutagenic (protector of the cell), Anti-tumor