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Family: Annonaceae
Scientific name: Annona Muricata
Common name: Graviola, Corossol, GuanĂ¡bana, Soursop
Part of the plant: the leaves
Origin: Amazonian Forest of Peru
Value: Food and Medicinal

guanabana graviola

Graviola - GraviPUNCH


The magic fruit of Amazonian Indians


Graviola is a tree native to the tropical areas of South America whose fruit is used to make drinks and ice cream. However, the entire tree is used in natural medicine.


Graviola is a totally natural relaxant able of some miracles and leaves contain cytotoxins which function the destruction of cancer cells in the body.


It should be clear that taking this plant as a nutritional supplement,

can not replace a conventional medical treatment !


Widely used in the Amazon rainforest