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Camu Camu


Family: Myrtaceae
Scientific name: Myrciaria dubia
Common name: camu camu
Part of the plant: the pulp
Origin: Amazonian Forest of PerĂº
Value: Food and Medicinal

camu camu


Camu Camu - CamuPUNCH


The Camu-Camu, native of the Amazon ecosystem, is a shrub that grows naturally in flood and swamp areas of the Peruvian River Basin at the origin of the Amazon.


Camu Camu is the fruit that contains the most Vitamin C, more than Acerola, Bay Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, much more than the Kiwi and the Bay of Gogi


The recommended daily intake for vitamin C is 60 mg (= 4.4 capsules) for an adult, but in case of special needs, such contributions can be largely increased.


Because of its extremely high concentration of natural vitamin C, this fruit is mostly consumed for these stimulant to growth periods or fatigue.


The natural vitamin C is more beneficial to the body than vitamins syntheses.



Properties CamuPUNCH :

Natural vitamin C intake

Virtues challenging periods of growth or fatigue.

Excellent Antioxidant / Anti-free radicals (It regenerates vitamin E which is the major antioxidant membrane).

It promotes the intestinal absorption of iron. (To take along any iron supplementation).

Natural vitamin C does not prevent sleep.